Monday, March 20, 2023


I owned no one an explanation for cautioning Igbos not to meddle in Lagos politics because they posed a threat to Yoruba people, according to Bayo.

Bayo Onanuga, the director of media and publicity for the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council (APC PCC), has claimed that he owes no one an apology for cautioning Southeast Nigerian or Igbo residents of Lagos State not to meddle in the politics of the state.

Onanuga stated that the state of Lagos is not a federal capital territory but a Yoruba Land on Saturday night, and that 2023 should be the last time Igbo people in Lagos meddle in the state's political process.

The media director for the APC PCC issued a warning to the state's Igbo population, advising them to mind their own business and never engage in political activity in Lagos State in 2027 as they did in this year, 2023.

"Let 2023 be the final instance of Igbo meddling in Lagos politics. No repeat should occur in 2027. Lagos is similar to Anambra, Imo, or any other Nigerian state. It is not Federal Capital Territory or No Man's Land. Yorubas live there. Keep your mouth shut, Onanuga said.

Onanuga claimed on Saturday night that Lagos State's owners have made it abundantly clear that their state is not a "no man's land" amidst reports of widespread violence, including the loss of life, election disruptions, voter suppression, and intimidation by political thugs and hoodlums.

"I hope the Obidients and their LP now understand that Lagos is not a "no man's land. The state's indigenous owners made a loud and clear declaration today that they are the state's owners, he said.

Onanuga's tweet was reported to Twitter management for being inciting and racially discriminatory, but after the microblogging service said the tweet does qualify for removal, the APC PCC media director made another tweet saying he owes no one an apology for what he said.

I was dragged to Twitter by my traducers, he declared. I did nothing wrong, Twitter ruled.

In the interests of clarity, let me state unequivocally that the opinions I express on Twitter are mine alone. I owe no one an explanation for how I handled our people's existential threats. After all, I am first and foremost a Yoruba before I am a Nigerian. ".

Igbo people in Lagos State have been the target of ethnic profiling since the general elections of 2023, when some Yoruba people, including some traditional and political leaders, accused Igbo people in the state of attempting to sabotage the indigenes' control over the city's politics.

Businesses owned by Igbo people in the state have been attacked and destroyed as a result of such ethnic profiling.

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