Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Cold War is going on in Igbo land between those that are been manipulated to destroy the PVC, those that are saying that there be no elections in Biafra land and those that have the interest to support Peter Obi and actualised Igbos dream legally. 

 Some Igbos are so brainwashed, discouraged, and fine tuned, to believed and accepted that the best way to achieve self actualisation is to boycott election.

This is not true. This agenda that Igbos should not vote is coming from some elements that can best be described as saboteurs of the interest of people.

Is there a better way to achieve igbo agenda than to get an igbo man to be the President and be at the helm of affairs. A president has the right to put motion in place that peacefully brought about the division of the country.

The President has the right to release any prisoner and do what so ever that pleases him in Nigeria. If Igbos would come out en masse and vote for Peter Obi, the struggle to release Nnamdi Kanu will end in a short period. Igbo marginalisation at all levels will end. Igbos will be recognised and respected nationwide. A lot of other privileges will be allured to Igbo people naturally. In now is the best chance for Igbos to go out en masse and do the needful. Let all aggravated minds calm down and hope for a better tomorrow for Igbo nation and Nigeria in general.

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