Friday, January 6, 2023



Davido Has Completed The Umunna Rites Of Chioma Adeleke + Registry Wedding.

Davido, a singer, completed the traditional wedding rites for Chioma Adeleke's registry wedding, which took place in November 2022. 

Both a traditional wedding and a registry wedding were held for singer Davido and his girlfriend Chioma. 

In Owerre Nkworji Ezeala, Imo state, Davido has completely paid the Umunna. 

The umunna and umuada rites were performed by Chioma's father, who is pictured in all white. Even young children received a share of the bride price, which Davido paid in cash. 

In Chiomas Village, you cannot have the child's body unless you pay the Bride price, so the rites were performed in Lagos before their son Ifeanyi was buried. 

The Umunna and Umuada were settled on January 3, 2023, while Chiomas Dad was in the village over the 2022 holiday season.

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