Thursday, December 8, 2022


The Senator representing Abia North, Orji Uzor Kalu allegedly that some journalists used have used social media as an avenue to insult politicians as a result he  was happy that the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential flag bearer Ahmed Bola Tinubu did not honour the invitation of a national television station that organized such a debate. 

He said: “Well, let me tell you: they turn it to be an insult. If I were Bola Tinubu, I would not go there (the debate). I don't pretend; I'm not a politician that pretends.

“Tinubu is even wise to be responding to them. If I were the one, I won’t answer them. I would shut up my mouth and not talk to anyone of them.

“Rather, I would go to the people that will vote. Journalists have turned the media to an avenue for insulting politicians.”

“I get angry when I see people insulting me or even other politicians, because I am an employer of labour.

“I am a politician with income. You don’t make me what you think I should be. I should be me, and I’m comfortable being me. Because I am a politician, you want me to eat sand instead of rice?

“I am tired of people abusing each other. We know everybody in the field… You will know everybody in the field and they know us.

“Nigerians know the major presidential candidates. You cannot continue to tell us history. Their spokespersons are not helping matters. They are busy talking from Atlantic Ocean to Sahara Desert, rather than telling us what they are going to do for the people.

“The people are tired of hearing this man did that and another one did this. We are tired of all these.

“You media should warn those spokespersons to embrace people-oriented programmes. They should tell us what their principals will do for us.

“We all know the capacity of each of them. Even when I campaign and tell people to vote for me, they make the decision at the end of the end. The decision to vote for a person at the end of the day lies with the voter. Ours is to do the marketing, through our campaigns.

“But what they are doing now is bad marketing and backlashing. This is not what the people’s democracy looks like. It’s about what we can do for the people.

“They are de-marketing democratic parties through this. They should tell us how to improve the economy. Let them tell us how to stimulate the economy, how to live; talking about financing the economy.

“I'm interested in how the economy could change for the benefit of 300 million Nigerians and how businesses and industries will go back to manufacturing and agricultural production.”

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