Monday, November 28, 2022


An undergraduate computer science student identified simply as Kelvin from the Federal University of Lafia (Fulafia) has been expelled after successfully impregnating his lecturer. The university's Disciplinary Board reportedly received discouraging news that the student had imbued his lecturer with a sharp shock before such a cruel punishment was meted out to him.

The student was summoned before the school's disciplinary committee, where he received his letter of expulsion. He argued that the fault was not solely his, but that the board was not prepared to uphold his objection. 

Kelvin clarified that the initial romantic advances were made by the speaker, who ended up desperately asking him to have sex with her and maybe even impregnate her. How the strange news spread through the university and reached the board remains a mystery. 

What the student remembered was an urgent call from the board requesting his presence. Overwhelmed by curiosity and fear, he hastened to find out the reasons for such urgency from the council, only to learn about his loves with the master and his punishment. Kelvin confessed that he slept with the teacher several times, including in the teacher's office. Screaming for clemency and forgiveness, the student burst into uncontrollable tears, but the university senate refused to reverse the decision.

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