Monday, September 19, 2022


"Nobody recognizes IPOB in the world, let them keep insulting the President, Ohanaeze ndi Igbo".

"Anytime I'm going to work or coming back, all I see in most Nigerian newspapers, especially electronic media is IPOB insulted one elder, IPOB threatened Ohanaeze ndi Igbo, I laugh because I already know that nothing good can come out from that group of terror!sts. Insulting and threatening your leaders is a hate speech, it's against the law and it's high time government starts looking into the way IPOB insults the President, Ohanaeze ndi Igbo leaders and Nigerians at large. 

"I reject Biafra, IPOB, MASSOB right from day one because they are of no use in any way to our beloved country Nigeria, rather they are bent on causing confusion everywhere. 

"Most Igbos in APC, especially those who attended the Nigeria democracy Day celebration in Lagos this year, where I made it known to all that we only have one nation and that is Nigeria. Every other nation is counterfeit. I love their zeal in seeing reasons with me as an Elderly person because most of those gullible youths Nnamdi Kanu is deceiving won't see nor understand what I am saying. I will continue to make it known to them that I am not a Biafran but a true citizen of One Nigeria".

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