Sunday, August 7, 2022



Tinubu: Labour Party members and supporters can never rule us, they will Labour till death.

Kwankwaso: The northerners can never vote for Mr. Peter Obi because he is an Igbo man. The North can never vote for an Igbo man.

Atiku: Obi is not known in the North; will remain unknown by the over 90 percent of northerners who do not make use of internet and can never be voted by the northerners.

Obi: Atiku is my elder brother and my boss. Tinubu is my lovely elder brother. They all qualify to rule Nigeria but I'm more qualified. I'm more prepared and more physically and mentally fit to rescue Nigerian economy from collapse and restore the nation to path of prosperity and glory. Even though they make hateful comments about us, we will continue to love them in return. Total wellbeing of Nigeria is my only concern and my youths, especially those in the North are my priority because through them we will have economy more robust than the crude oil. 

Atiku supporters: Peter Obi is an Igbo man, we don't just like Igbos, especially due to how they carry themselves. Though Obi is more qualified among the contenders but we rather remain as we are than vote an Igbo man.

Tinubu supporters: Peter Obi is a thief and a criminal. He is a political prostitute who is not different from Buhari and Atiku. Anambra people should arrest and jail him for investing the state's money in his family business. Besides he's an IPOB man (language presently used as an alternative to the popular 'nyamiri'). His supporters are only IPOB terrorists, which means he's a terrorist that must not be allowed entrance to the corridor of power.

Obi's supporters: the suffering does not segregate. The insecurity doesn't select. We are altogether in the mess. Our brothers in the North are slaughtered by the heartless bandits daily. Our brothers in the South are suffering dire lack and difficulty. Killings and kidnappings here and there. Let us not repeat what we have been doing: let us try different approach for a different result. We are one. Let's not allow tribe, ethnicity and religion destroy our nation. Tinubu did well as a governor but he is very old and feeble now. He was also directly involved in the leadership that left Nigeria at this current terrible state. Atiku was once our vice president and he is now old and weak; he has done his best. Let's allow this new person with a better record try his hand in solving the nation's lingering problems this time. Age is on his side and equity and fairness demand that the leadership mantle of the nation goes his way so that we will have conscience void of offence towards man, the gods of the nation and the God of justice.


Peter Obi is using campaign to unite. His preaching, teaching and messages of hope have made some secessionists see reason to drop agitation and start seeing their hausa, Yoruba and Fulani brothers as true brothers and Nigeria as their only country which must be repaired and made habitable by them. It is happening before the eyes of everyone.

But Tinubu and Atiku camps are using divide and rule approach as their campaign strategy. Because of Atiku and Tinubu's blunders, Nigeria has divided far much more on religious and tribal lines than ever before. The same mistake made by President Buhari. 


When you divide the people in order to win presidential election, how will you be able to rule the already divided people when you finally become the president?

Olulade Adewura

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