Sunday, August 14, 2022


According to a statement by the Anambra Signage and Advertising Agency, presidential candidates of the major political parties who seek to mount or paste their posters anywhere in Anambra State for the 2023 elections are required to pay ₦10m (ANSAA). 

According to a public notice sent yesterday by the agency's managing director, Mr. Tony Ujubuonu, candidates for the Senate must pay ₦7 million, while those running for the House of Representatives must pay ₦5 million. In a same vein, ₦1million is required of individuals who intend to run for state assembly. 

The agency set the statutory prices for mobile advertising and out-of-home media at ₦50,000 for branded vehicles and ₦5,000 for tricycle rear branding, respectively. The agency also set the prices for billboards at ₦100,000 for 48 sheets, ₦500,000 for spectacular billboards, ₦500,000 for gantry displays, and ₦100,000 for irregularly shaped billboards. 

In the same way that it forbade the pasting of campaign posters on street light poles, roundabouts, and other public structures, the state government also forbade the pasting of posters on bridges and road demarcations along the state's streets. 

The notification states that before advertising items, including signs, banners, fliers, bunting, T-shirts, caps, and public address systems, could be used for public consumption in any area, they had to be fully paid for and approved by the government authorities.

Before pasting the posters anywhere, the government stated that the payments must be made to the state's revenue account. Politicians who fail to make the payments will be prosecuted prior to the election, the government warned.

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