Saturday, August 6, 2022


We Should Honor the Math Wizard 

Nigerian Young Genius Shows Off His Neck's Full of Medals from Math Competitions... 

You might question why there are so many medals on one neck. In just two and a half years (JSS2-SSS1), Master Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob has established himself as an international mathematics champion by doing the following: 

1. The American Mathematics Championship 

2. Champion in South African Mathematics Competition

3. Canadian Mathematics Championship

4. Champion in Pan African Mathematics Competition

5. Champion in Ghana Mathematics Competition

6. MIT Math Competition Winner in Indonesia 

7. Stanford Mathematics Competition champion 

8. The Istem Mathematics Champion. 

9. Germany wins the IYMC Intercontinental Championship 

There are many more that are not listed here because he has won 2O medals in different mathematics competitions worldwide. 

He was accepted into the World Science Scholars by #ProfBrainneGreene, a famous expert in super-string theory and theoretical physics.

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