Tuesday, June 7, 2022



This is the story of how Peter Obi's humility challenged Evangelist Yinka Yusuf and bruised his ego for life, when he was still a sitting governor of Anambra State.

“When people say Peter Obi has no structure, I tell them I am one of his structures.

Several years ago, as one of the popular evangelists in Africa, I move around at airports with lots of people as my entourage. 

One day I was traveling back to lagos from Abuja, they had just dropped me at the airport and I was going to board my flight . As I walked through the tarmac with one of the FAAN (Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria) protocol staff pulling my hand luggage behind me, I turned and behold I saw someone that looked like governor Peter Obi coming behind and pushing his hand luggage himself.

I turned to the protocol guy and said, that guy looks like governor Peter Obi, He answered and said, " yes o na him, e no dey allow anybody help am with him bag”.

I felt so embarrassed for myself, I quickly collected my bag back gave the protocol guy, gave him some money and pulled my bag myself to the plane. Peter Obi did not open the Bible or quote any verse in the Bible but he preached to me the greatest message I have ever heard on humility. 

When I got back home, I told my wife what happened to me, how someone was helping me with my hand luggage while a governor was pushing his bag himself.

Now I understand that leadership is by example and humility is one of the greatest signs of a great leader.

For over thirty years now, I sweep the church, wash and iron my clothes, join the ushers in cleaning and arranging of chairs in the church and yet nothing has reduced in my life.

A man came to my house one day and met me sweeping the compound. Without greeting me, he asked if could help him tell pastor Yinka that he was around. I told him to please give me five minutes to finish what I was doing.

He came back two minutes later and asked if I knew who he was, he said, " Pastor Yinka will be very angry with you if he knows you kept me waiting for this long” not knowing he was talking to pastor Yinka himself.

If we are going to get a good leader and President in Nigeria, we must look out for a humble man like Peter Obi.

Please don’t forget to join me for the 30 minutes, five days prayers for Nigeria and good government.

Date: 6th - 10th of June.

Time: 6:30am - 7:00am daily.

We are taking back our country from the hands of wicked politicians.

Watch out for the 1 million conscience rally which is coming up at TBS lagos.

Details of the rally will be made known as soon as possible.”

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