Saturday, June 18, 2022


The Labour Party (LP) Presidential flag bearer Peter Obi broke record of achievement when he was the GOVERNOR of Anambra State from 2006 - 2014 till date.

He is the first GOVERNOR to leave office without owing any debts.

The first GOVERNOR to buy 1,000 Nigerian made vehicles (Innoson) for government officials.

The first GOVERNOR who refused to collect pension after ruling as a governor till date.

The first GOVERNOR who built over 800kms of road network between rural and urban areas.

The first GOVERNOR whose state UNIVERSITY has never gone on STRIKE even till now!

The first GOVERNOR to give 1 million naira each to all 1st Class graduates during his tenure.

The first GOVERNOR to renovate and equip 500 schools during his tenure.

The first GOVERNOR to purchase 30,000 Computers for schools during his tenure. 

The first GOVERNOR who paid NYSC corpers #4,000 additional allowance during his tenure.

The first GOVERNOR to spend 135million naira to purchase MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS which are still functioning till today.

The first GOVERNOR to pay #5,000 to all who are above 70yrs old and Above during his tenure.

The first GOVERNOR who empowered state's SECURITY and provide pick ups in every village and cities.

The First GOVERNOR who called the ICPC and EFCC to audit his account when he was about to hand over.

The first GOVERNOR who in his tenure and till date flie economy.

The first GOVERNOR who reduced his convoy of more than 30 cars to just 5 vehicles.

The first GOVERNOR who refused to use bulletproof car as a governor.

The first GOVERNOR who  hosted a visiting President Obasanjo in his house. 

The first GOVERNOR who left about 75billion Naira in office after his tenure.

 The first GOVERNOR who refused official car and allowance as SEC chairman.

The first GOVERNOR who paid gratuity, salaries all his tenure and cleared backlog.

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