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High Priest Chukwuemeka Emenyonu Ngene is the High Priest of Chukwuabiama Heritage Synagogue Incorporated. He is not one of the regular professional politician hovering all over the corridors of power in Imo State and Nigeria at large. 

His entrance into the race for the Senatorial seat of the Owerri (Imo East) Zone is borne out of the desire to transform a negative narrative into a positive one and add value to constituents with true application of modern laws, technology and traditional landmarks centred on truth, service and dedication.

Of a truth, having Owerri Zone as the seat of power in Imo State does not give the people of the zone the opportunity to critically analyse and evaluate those they've been sending to represent them at various legislative seats including the Senate, starting from the legislative duties to oversight functions.

"My fellow Owerri Zone constituents, our zone is peculiar, our problems are obvious, and this is why we need an active Senator. A man of eloquence who must supply the oratorical gloss to finished legislation during floor debate? He must also have the skills that make him a superb craftsman behind committee doors.

"Despite all these above legislative and communication skills, we must look for a Senatorial that has the interest of our nine LGAs at heart and represent our point of view on the issues of today's politics in Nigeria and can also collaborate with the Federal government, and the Presidency on how to handle their jobs? These were his words while speaking on the condition of the zone.

Ngene is not calling on Owerri Zone to just vote for him, he's calling on the zone, the people of the constituency to vote out people whose only interest is to be recycling themselves from one political position or the other without any significant impact on the zone. 

He is a High Priest of Chukwuabiama, a traditional priest whose words are his bond and only needs your support to bring a huge change to the destiny of Owerri Zone without any form.of lies and political jiggery-pokery.

What's he coming to do? Of course, he's coming to give Owerri Zone a perfect representation in the Senate. How's he going to do that? The problems with the Owerri Senatorial Zone does not need rocket science to solve, so they're solvable.

All they needs is a mission transformed into action, an action meant to yield fruit and a vision made to become a reality through impeccable integrity, dynamism, accommodating and committed leadership.


Yes, Ngene is not seeking your votes through any of the so-called popular political parties, but through a realiable platform of the Action Democratic Congress (ADC). 

However, ask yourself today, what can a political party offer you when the person they've presented to represent you is not ready, willing and able to make a significant impact? 

Are you still celebrating party flags and symbols when others are embracing development? Owerri Zone, wake up and let's take our position as number one in everything as far as Igboland is concerned.

He appeals to your conscience to take a critical look at Owerri Senatorial Zone, and make sure you do the look beyond Owerri capital territory. If you've done that, can you say that you are satisfied with what you see? 

Are you okay with the pace of development, youth empowerment, women empowerment, rural infrastructural development, healthcare system and even educational infrastructure in Ikeduru, Mbaitoli, Aboh Mbaise, Ahiazu-Mbaise, Ezenihitte-Mbaise, Ngor-Okpala, Owerri West, Owerri North and even in the Owerri Municipal? 

Can you comfortably say that you can pinpoint a sign that Owerri Zone as a result of the Federal Legislative Representatives is on course towards attaining the position we were made to believe should be ours, which is number one in everything? These are what he's begging you to help him correct for our own good. 

The time has come for Owerri to begin to ask political leaders questions they'll find difficult to answer and when such questions keep coming their way, those unserious politicians will have no option but to quit politics. 

What are those questions? Take a good look at all those contesting for Senate in Owerri Zone, some. of them have been in one top position or the other. Let's ask them this: What more can they offer aside from using their positions for personal aggrandisement and enrichment?

Ngene is saying that as a Senator, he can team up with both Federal and the state government to rewrite Owerri Zone's history from a centre for just consumption to a centre of production and consumption. According to him, all it requires is to play the right politics and attract the needed Federal present and individual investments beyond hotels. 

Ngene is saying it without mincing words that if voted into the Senate to represent Owerri Zone, he would use his position to advocate for legislation on reduction of cost of governance through the abolition of foreign medical trips for sick political leaders, abolition of foreign education for children of political office holders, compulsory allocation of some Ministries and agencies for only professionals especially youths and of course reduction in money politics so that political leadership will not be about the rich only.

According to him while speaking on how he can use sports to impact on national economy, "Yes, I know FIFA controls football, but it took good laws and handing of football administration to professionals for Latin American countries like Brazil and Argentina to be competing favourably with their European counterparts in domestic leagues which has significantly created huge employments in both countries and keep adding wealth through the monies their international starts are sending back home for investments.

"Do you know that a well-organised Nigerian League left in the hands of professionals will push over three million young people off the streets? Do you know people can be employed to maintain the stadium? Do you know people can be employed as fitness doctors? Do you know people can be employed as nutritionists? Do you know that people can be employed as engineers, both sound and visual? Do you know that an academy will be owned by many clubs, thereby increasing the number of employees beyond the coaching and playing staff? 

"Do you also know that an organised Nigerian and violent free Nigerian league can attract an unbelievable physical fanbase in all the stadia across the country, viewership across the globe, and lucrative sponsorship deals that'll help it grow? Who said we cannot discuss a better way to end youth restiveness through football and other sports? Minus football from the Brazilian economy and see youths who would have been carrying guns and selling drugs.

"Who said we cannot develop better laws to help protect and see sports as part of our economy? Who said we cannot have a standard swimming league with multinational oil companies in our country sponsoring it? Who said we can make sports like basketball a national heritage and poverty alleviation tool? All we need is to make good laws that'll accommodate sports, develop it and watch our young people drive it and sell it at the world market."

Ngene also said he would pursue legislation/making of laws that would provide universal basic health care and standard health care for Nigerians as well as universal basic education and standard education for Nigerian children through the pursuit of laws banning political office holders from patronising foreign hospitals and foreign schools. 

If elected, Ngene said he'll never stop to learn about various issues which confront the country, his state and his zone, considering that the world is fast-changing, and we need to align legislation, legal and political environment with the available changes, so that help citizens respond to the changes in our world.

Ngene said he will always navigate the Senate floor very well with a serious focus on his own knowledge of the law and oratory to push other senators' agreement to his proposals through his good relations with fellow senators from all parties and all parts of the country.

Written and Endorsed

By Chukwuemeka Emenyonu

Ngene, for Owerri-Zone

Support Group

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