Saturday, May 28, 2022


The former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, has reacted to Wike's criticism against him because of his resignation from People Democratic Party (PDP).

Earlier Gov Wike had  said, “It is not surprising to me. Peter Obi leaving the party is not surprising to me. I know and he knows that there was no way he would have won the presidential primary. The issue is that there must be integrity, there must be character. 

How can a man who had gone to all the states to tell them how he had been a trader, how his family has been trading, how everybody should support him, how he wore one (pair of) shoe(s), how he did not allow anybody to carry his bag, and all those things…three days to the primaries, he said he had left the party. Integrity…character is very important in whatever you are doing.”

On the same program on Friday, Obi, who had earlier dodged a question seeking his reaction, said no one could question his loyalty to the PDP while he was a member.

“I don’t know how that one came in but I think when we talk about integrity, we are talking about integrity in management of public resources. That is what we should be talking about in this country. And when such things are mentioned about me, I feel maybe there is something missing somehow. Go and check my records as a governor.”

 “I have moved on to where the process might allow me,” he added.

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