Wednesday, May 4, 2022



Major General Lagbaja, the Nigerian Army's 82 Division's General Officer Commanding, has been ordered to remove his troops from Agulu in the Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State. 

Last week, a gunman opened fire on soldiers at a military checkpoint, resulting in a massive exchange of gunfire that injured and killed several people. 

The Director of Sickle Cell Orphanage and Underprivileged Home Agulu, Aisha Edwards Maduagwu made the request to the GOC in a letter and among other things, that the army checkpoint in the hamlet is near the busy Agulu town hall, and that a gunfight in that place could result in a large number of civilian casualties. 

Maduagwu asked the GOC to consider moving the checkpoint to a safer location in his letter of appeal.

“This would minimize civilian casualties in the case of attacks, and the soldiers would be properly positioned to repel such attack without fear of hitting civilians in the crossfire.”

“Such policy and measures should also be adhered to in any civilian environment unless in a state of emergency.

“I would have been a victim on the episode of 30 April, if not that I abandoned my vehicle and fled into a nearby bush for safety cover.

“Kindly consider this appeal on the basis of re-strategizing the military unit for maximum efficiency and productivity, as well as shielding civilian lives from being caught up in any ensuing cross fire,” she appealed.

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