Tuesday, April 26, 2022



The founder of the African Malaria Eradication Project, Prince Ned Nwoko and his wife Regina Daniels Nwoko also the National Coordinator and Malariologist, Mr Chukwuemeka Anyaduba honored 2022 World Malaria Day.

The Africa Union and the World Health Organization have designated April 25th as World Malaria Day, a long-standing epidemic that claims the lives of over 400 thousand Africans each year. On this basis, Prince Ned Nwoko held a press conference yesterday honored World Malaria Day 2022. He focused his remarks on the Roll Back Malaria Partnership's theme for this year, which is Advance Equity, Build Resilience, and End Malaria. The National Malaria Elimination Programme's (NMEP) slogan for this year is 'Every Effort Counts.' On the basis of this, Prince Ned reaffirmed his foundation's unwavering dedication to the struggle.

He stressed the financial benefits of using sanitation and waste management as a Malaria Eradication initiative. "Aside from sanitation as a means to end malaria in Nigeria, with a proper waste management system and recycling plants in each senatorial district of Nigeria, we could generate enough electricity to power Nigeria through waste to power plants," one of his media aides, Adeniyi Moses ifetayo, said in a statement. 

In addition to cleanliness, his foundation is proposing fumigation and aerial spraying with an environmentally beneficial chemical over the country. 

Prince Ned also stressed his foundation's and vaccine development partners' cooperation efforts in the United States for advanced clinical studies that would lead to a vaccine.

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