Monday, February 28, 2022



Mr Isa Bayero has ordered the Chairman of Air Peace, Allen Onyema to tender an apology to Emir of Kano on National daily Newspaper and secondly appear in person within 72 hours and failure to do so will trigger something worse and more ridiculous.

He said: “I called Air Peace Chairman, Allen Onyema, requesting him to delay the airline’s morning flight and flatly refused and said that he would not do that.”

“I personally took this as an insult and a flagrant show of disrespect to His Highness and the Kano people at large.”

“I personally requested the offer from Air Peace to allow the emir to join their flight to Abuja; from there we would be transiting to Kano but they said that also was fully booked. 

Air Peace disrespected the Emir by refusing to delay the taxiing flight. 

He was of the opinion that, it is totally wrong and unacceptable because, if Air Peace truly respect the emir, they should understand the aircraft was not complete without 10 passengers, including the VIP.

“We booked our tickets on that aircraft and anybody that is familiar with international flight understands what is on-transit passengers and that passenger has priority more than any other passenger on board.

“I am giving an ultimatum of 72 hours for Air Peace to tender an apology to the emir, first in a national daily and secondly to come down in person to the emir. We would not hesitate to go extra miles to correct the ‘misnormal’.

“The action of Air Peace is sentimental and unprofessional and we can go any length to defend and protect any act of insensitivity against our prestigious traditional institution.”

“That insult is not heaped on the emir alone but on the good people of Kano and folding our hands on this could trigger something worse and more ridiculous.

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