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The funeral was called off after the family discovered that their son's manhood had vanished. 

After a family found their late son's manhood was missing, a burial in Daveyrown, South Africa, was called off. 

The family of the 18-year-old son who claimed his body was mutilated and abused at the funeral parlour made the strange discovery when washing his body. 

While the distraught parents, Portia and Bellium Tjale, refused to bury their damaged son, family and neighbors reportedly prevented funeral home workers from removing the tent, chairs, and other objects. They stated that they would retain the property as collateral until the funeral parlour's owner refunded their R30,000. 

"My son's body was collected from home with every body part intact, but some parts are now missing. Why is that?” Portia, 39, explained.


Portia explained that the funeral parlour which first collected their son’s body did not have cold storage. Therefore, they transferred the body to another parlour. She later discovered that his manhood was missing at the second parlour.

She went on to say that the owners of the second parlour tried to hide the issue by telling her not to come.

The deceased mother said; “The same funeral parlour owner and his wife then even contacted me again to convince me not to come because I suspect they saw something was not right. My son deserves to be buried with dignity and not to be subjected to such disrespect”

“My son suffered and the next thing he was disrespected. Mpho was epileptic and had autism,” Portia’s husband, Bellium, (48) added.

The deceased parents reported the matter to the Daveyton police, who have since opened a case of violation of a corpse.

However, the both parents alleged that the police told them to bury their sons’ body despite the missing manhood.

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