Friday, January 7, 2022


A man (name withheld) who has been in love with a particular mature lady at Aba impregnated her and she was hoping that the man would marry her, but the said man went on and impregnated another girl also.

Story has it that man, went and borrowed ₦200,000 from his mature lady promising to marry her  and used the same money to do traditional marriage of his younger girlfriend who is also pregnant for him.

The traditional marriage picture went viral on Facebook, the matured lady saw it and invited his supposed fiancĂ©. The man came without knowing that his deal has leaked. He told his newly married wife that he wants to attend cross-over night service on 31st December. 

Then he used the opportunity  and visited his old lady who offered him food, but he refused, and chose  to make love first with the mature lady. After the whole thing, she saw that he was weak, poured petrol on him and set him ablaze.

The man seeing what was happening held the mature lady before she could escaped and both of them got burnt. 

It is said that both of them are receiving treatment at different hospitals in the city but they  later died.

Sweet love gone sour due to unfaithfulness.

Watch the videos below:

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