Thursday, December 30, 2021



In a phone recorded conversation between bandits and victim's relatives, the angry relatives told the bandits terrible things after the bandits demanded a ransome  of ₦100m. Below is the conversation. 

“We have struggled and all we could raise is just one million naira. No one would want to lend us money now because it is Christmas period,” the brother says in Hausa.

The abductor replies, “If you want your relative released, go and solicit the money”.

Despite further pleas by the victim’s brother, the abductor tells him he cares less about his excuses. “What is my business with any Christmas break?” He asks. “I am not aware of any break.”

Afterwards, the abductor asks, “How much was the original ransom you were asked to pay?”

“We were told to pay N30 million,” the victim’s relative responds.

But the response does not go down well with the abductor who yells at the relative that the ransom originally demanded was not N30 million but N100 million.

Obviously running out of patience as well, the victim’s brother says, “If that is the case, go ahead and kill your captive! May God punish you if you fail to kill him!”.

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