Wednesday, December 22, 2021


Kano Hisbah (Islamic local police) is set to arrest the  parents of Shatu Garko for allowing their daughter to contest and win Miss Nigerian's beauty pageant award. 

Miss Shatu Garko was born 18 years ago. Her parents was said to have lived in different parts of the North before settling in Kano recently. Miss Garko  emerged as the 44th Miss Nigeria  and as the first hijab adorning Muslims to win the national beauty pageant.

Haruna Ibn Sina, Shatu Garko

The Kano State Hibah commander, Haruna Ibn Sina has said that the  parents of the latest Miss Nigeria winner, Shatu Garko may be arrested and interrogated for allowing their daughter to participate in Miss Nigeria beauty pageant for 2021. According to him, it is  “illegal” and contrary to Islamic teachings. 

During his interview by BBC Pidgin, Mr Haruna said that  Miss Garko’s participation in the contest is "Forebidden"  for Muslims from Kano, a northern Nigerian state with strict Sharia practices.

Mr Ibn Sina said they had confirmed that Ms Garko’s parents are living in Kano and will soon be brought into custody and interrogated for the role their daughter played in the beauty contest, the BBC Pidgin reported on Wednesday morning.

Though Miss Garko participated in the pageant adorning her hijab, the Hisbah commander further condemned the exercise as a whole, saying it was against Quranic instruction.

Before now, Hisbah, which was adopted in many northern states in early 2000, had banned tailors, supermarkets and boutique owners from using mannequins to display clothes in the state.

In June, the religious police arrested 40 teenagers for selling condoms and Marijuana in Kano and also prohibited the sharing of pre-wedding photos of the daughter of Emir of Kano Zahrah Bayero, who married Yusuf Bihari, saying it is a sin

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