Thursday, December 16, 2021



A female freedom fighter Aisha Yesufu has blasted the Federal Government as DSS are going after protesters who protest against killing in the North instead of them going after the killers.

She said: "It's quite shameful that the DSS are not going after killers. They are only going after protesters who are protesting against killing in the North.

"Nigerians have a constitutional right to come out to protest... It is the government that hires hoodlums to hijack protests . They use security operatives to ferry hoodlums to protest . We saw this during End SARS... When they say hoodlums will hijack the protest, it is the government that's behind it.

"What is a hoodlum's business with protest? It is when the government pay them that hoodlums go to attack protesters so when the DSS foolishly tell protesters that there will be a hijack, you wonder what their job is. Is it not to protect protesters?"

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