Tuesday, December 7, 2021


A prominent Igbo Senator and ndị Igbo front line defender, Sen Enyinnaya Abaribe, has  rebuked Igbo politicians about their selfish interest and political games towards Nnamdi Kanu's case.

In his words :.

"Nobody should use Nnamdi Kanu's case to play politics or deceive ndi Igbo for selfish interests. Because it's obvious now that some people are now out to play national Politics with the current situation of Kanu. 

"That plan will surely fail because it is better they go live on national television or to their various states and let the world know their true stand on Nnamdi Kanu whom they claim to be their son at the background but not in the open. 

"When I said Nigerian government should leave Igbo Youths alone and stop killing them unnecessarily, some people called me all manner of names, especially Politicians who were benefiting from what Kanu is passing through. Is there anything or allegations they didn't level on me, yet I stick to my resolve, determined and focused. 

"Now, coming through the back door mandating these youths to embrace your national political solutions when you are not ready to listen to their voices makes no meaning to me. You have to hear them out, analyze and how to come up with a better recommendation or solution that will calm their nerves, not when the whole place is hot, you are telling them to embrace political solution. Do you think they will listen to you? Definitely nobody in his right senses will do that."

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