Sunday, November 14, 2021



This is the story of an African man in Spain, a good Samaritan of high magnitude so to say. He did what most people in his category of hardship and struggling may not likely do. Below is his full story.

This african man called Jibril is an immigrant in Valencia, Spain. Jibril picked an envelope containing €4,250 (over 1M Nigerian naira) on one of the streets in Valencia few days ago.

Jibril then chose to play a hero and decided to take the envelope containing the money to the police and handed it over to police officers.

 The officers and everyone around were surprised. 

The police officer in charge then asked Jibril who is also an illegal immigrant to make a statement and its at that moment that they asked him to present his personal papers (ID)

The police officer then discovered that Jibril did not have a residence card (ID) to prove that he was legally living in Spain. He was then immediately detained.

Sadly, Jibril was last week deported back to his home country in Africa and banned for years without ever stepping a foot in Spain!"

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