Friday, October 15, 2021



This man on the screen is Mr Arinze by name. He claimed to be a pastor in the making. Further in query reveals that he is from Dominion City Church. He wants blood to lay the foundation of his church on, so that his church will boom. 

Prior to his arrest by the Landlord Association in Onitsha, he has  been on the hunt for innocent blood of small virgins.

According to man that queried him, he came and squatted with one of his tenants about three weeks ago, claiming that he was looking for an apartment and a shop. His tenant woke up one morning and notice that blood was gushing out from the private part of her daughter and this man was no way to be found.

Luck ran out of Arinze, today, when the tenant saw this alleged ritualist  and asked people to hold him.

Mr Arinze confess during interview that he was sent by one Mr Matthew to get blood of virgins. He further claimed the first blood he got was rejected, and he was in second hunt for blood. 

Mainwhile, Mr Arinze has bought a piece of land to build his church, but the spokesman of the Landlord Association, said that such a man will not be allow to live in the mist. He opted that Mr Arinze will be refunded his money back by whoever sold the land to him.

Watch the video below:

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