Sunday, September 12, 2021



American based Nigerian man named Ehi Olumese who survived 9/11 terrorist assault in the US expressed his experience. 

"I was stationed on the USS Vella Gulf CG72  when the 9/11 terrorist attack occurred.   I was watching the TV at the Supply Berthing when the second plane hit the twin tower.  The voice of Captain Feckler, Richard Alan  over the 1MC.  This is not a drill America is under attack and we have orders to go underway immediately to provide Air Defense in New York and to enforce the no fly restriction.

"This will forever linger in my memory.   I ran down the pier at the Naval Station Norfork to make a quick call to my family in Nigeria.  That was the fastest underway a ship will ever make.  Fair winds and following seas to all our fallen heros.  

"10 Days later September 21 2001 We were deployed under the Theodore Roosevelt’s Battle Group for the Operation Enduring Freedom which became the longest war in American history.  I salute all our fallen hero’s and shipmates for their honor, courage and commitment.   Wow it’s been 20years," He said. 

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