Monday, September 20, 2021



As a significant part of the Lagos - Ibadan Railway project whose agreement was granted by the Buhari organization in 2017, do you realize that the Abeokuta Train Station segment of the venture, which is otherwise called the Laderin Train Station is practically prepared for dispatching? 

With consistent financing and customary management, the work has been going on at the force anticipated from the project workers, and it is being booked to be opened for public use before the year (2021) runs out. 

This train station will most likely help business explorers or sightseers just as occupants of the chronicled city of Abeokuta, as they will likewise be in acceptable stead to partake in this less expensive and more secure method for movement to one or the other Lagos or Ibadan for their exchanges or social commitment, which makes it of extraordinary financial incentive for the country.

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