Saturday, June 26, 2021



The lady that killed her boy friend has made a public confessional statement at Lagos State police station.

During the questioning section, she confessed how she killed her billionaire sugar daddy in a Hotel room, the CEO of Super TV,  Mr Michael Usifo Ataga.

She said, that they have been friends for about four months and the deceased was introduced to her by her friends. On that fateful day as usual, they ordered for the drugs and drinks they took.

The trouble started when the guy demanded for sex, but she  was not in the mood. Instead, Chidimma stabbed him two times at the left side of the chest, and the poor guy died.

Chidimma took the decease's ATM and withdrew ₦10 million. During the questioning section, she admitted, she withdrew only ₦380,000 for her school fees.

Watch the videos below:

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