Monday, May 17, 2021


The former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has made a remark about the on going dispute between Israel and Palestine. He said it's let for both countries to lay down their arms and sue for peace. He advised that it will not be wise for some other countries to use this opportunity and take sides.

 These are  his words below:

I have been to both Israel and Palestine, and as a result, I have some understanding and appreciation of the human angles on both divides. 

Borders are often human constructs, but the Divine instruction we have is to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

The present conflict in that part of the world can never be resolved by nations and institutions taking sides. It can only be resolved by those living within the borders of Israel and Palestine taking time to understand each other until they come to a place where they can coexist, co-prosper and eventually cooperate. 

For that to happen, what is needed, in the immediate term, is a ceasefire, followed by massive confidence building on both sides. 

That is what the international community should aim for. Peace. It is achievable.

I sue for peace in both Israel and Palestine, and urge that every international support should be towards deescalating the conflict, rather than escalating it. 

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