Monday, February 1, 2021


In his veiw, he blame the government for undermining the Igbos. He said that if he happens to be the president of Nigeria, he will turn the South East into business hub for Africa. He explained that this Igbos are the most brilliant set of people who can only be compared to Chinese, Indian and Korea put together. He wondered why there was still discrimination against the Igbos just because of the civil war. The government won't want the Igboman to be IG of police, Commander - in-chief of army, but to allow them to go, they will not. 

He urge the government to bring in the Igbos into government and see if they will not perform. He added that he had been to so many countries, and he always  noticed Igbo people  there are in control of business hubs, in those foreign countries, they are doctors, surgeons, engineers and so on. Back home in Nigeria, government is discriminating against them. 

He sighted exemple of the newly elected president of America, Jos Biden, who had already appointed some Nigerians for the first time into America's government based on their personal merits instead of sentiments that Nigerians are bad and so on. 

He laid emphasis on Igbos so that Nigerian government will wake up and include Igbomen in their governance or allow them to go.

Watch the video below:

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