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The Simon Nwuya family of Enu-ora Orofia Abagana in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State announced the heavenly call of their mother, sister, aunt, grand-mother and mother-inlaw Mrs Mary Nwuka Nwuya whom it pleases the Almighty God to call back at age of 77 on 3rd of July 2020, whose funeral is today, Wednesday 13th of January 2021.

Late Mary Nwuya was born in the family of Mr/Mrs Amobi Achebe of Akpu-Abagana on 1st of February 1943 in Jos which happened to be on Sunday as a result, she was named Nwuka (Child born on Sunday).

Her father Amobi Achebe died when she was an infant and toddler which led to her mother Anna returned back to her parent (Nwadigwe family) living little Mary Nwuka with her mother-inlaw late Mathar  Nwakwonazu Achebe (a herbalist) who trained her till she got married.

Late Mary Nwuya married to late Simon Enechukwu Nwuya whom she had nine children (5 boys and 4 girls) with but two died later reducing them to 4 men and 3 women.

Late Mary Nwuka Nwuya used to narrate how she and her fellow women treked from Nkwerre nri to Nimo where they hid during Biafra war coupled with pregnancy which she later had mischarge as a result of stress.

She was a heroin who fought for her life after she was poisoned at early 90's before her husband died in August 1995. She battled with this illness till she died in 2020.

Late Mary Nwuka Nwuya was a philanthropist who always help people in need at the expense of displeasing her own children and herself.

Sleep in Peace Mama (Nwunye Obirindu Mazi, gaa nke oma)

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