Thursday, July 16, 2020


Tragedy as 26 youths of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Adeke, Makurdi boat capsized in River Benue on Sunday, including a set of triplets.

According to the secretary of the English section of the ECWA church, Miss Favour Simeon who recalled how the youths came together and decided to embark on evangelism in another community across the River Benue.

She said among them were a set of triplets named; Peter, Paul and Paulina who were children of a mobile police officer identified as Inspector Bulus. 

“Their mother actually warned them against going to River Benue because the volume of its water had increased, but one of them (Paulina) accused her of trying to weaken her faith.”

“It was on that basis that their mother allowed them to travelled for evangelism.” 

“My elder brother called me on the phone and asked if I went to evening service and I said no. He requested for Shadrach, one of the victims’ number.”

“I was trying to call my brother again when a neighbour ran to me and said a canoe had capsized with our church members on board and all of them had died.”

“I ran straight to the house of the triplets at Mobile Barracks and saw people gathered and the mother was crying.”

“I ran to the bank of River Benue where the incident occurred and saw a body recovered on the bank of the river. I wept profusely.”

“By then, it was too late as most of them had drowned,” she said.

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