Monday, June 15, 2020


The leader of Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, still alarming over the emptiness of Aso Rock with no president, no vice president and no Chief of army forces.

He also warned Yorubas that an independent Biafra Nation will not have any diplomatic relationship with Oduduwa, if they continued to support this lie that President Muhammadu Buhari is alive.

"Yoruba nation should forget about Tinubu’s 2023 Yoruba presidency and face the truth. 

That TRUTH is that Aisha Buhari is going mad amidst GUN BATTLE in Aso Rock, the carnage in Buhari’s Daura, the slaughter in Buhari’s Katsina/North, Osinbajo is missing presumed dead, it’s now clear that there’s NO PRESIDENT BUHARI but a Cabal that cannot even control itself. Therefore peddling the narrative that Buhari is not doing well, there is problem in Aso Rock is pure deception not journalism. 

A race that cannot stand up to call a spade a spade have deep psychological flaws. This is one of the key deficiencies of black African people, our inability to speak and defend the TRUTH. Rather than faffing about and peddling a false narrative, it ought to be stated forcefully that Aso Rock is empty with no president, no vice and no army chief. Nigeria is dead and no amount of spin doctoring of the news will hide this fact. 

If the Yoruba nation continues to support this lie that Buhari is alive, an independent Biafra nation will NOT have any diplomatic relationship with Oduduwa. We cannot have a nation that prefer lies to the truth as an ally. Those that prove themselves unreliable and untruthful in times of moral crisis cannot be trusted to make good partners in times of peace. Enough is enough! 

Another Rwanda is loading. We must act NOW!"

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