Saturday, May 9, 2020


Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State blasted the Imo State Governor, Hope  Uzodinma that he is a fraudulent that took the mandate that does not belong to him.

He said that Federal Government is against him simple because he relocated Almajiris but they did not say anything when North did the same thing.

"Federal government is against me for relocating Almajiris but says nothing when North did it. I keep saying it, this government doesn't mean well for us. I am not a Governor that runs to Abuja seeking for petty favour, I tell them the truth if they don't like it, that is not my business and nobody can silence me from talking.

As for Hope Uzodinma I will keep on telling him the truth at all times. If he keeps carrying my name up and down, we'll make it open and tell the world about him that he fraudulently took the mandate that does not belong to him. He should know that fraudsters don't talk in public."

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