Sunday, April 5, 2020


5G Network is suspected to be dangerous to health. There are speculations that dead animals are constantly found around 5G network mass. China youths were seen few days ago destroying every 5G network within their country. Back home in Nigeria, the same thing is happen  as regards to dead animals been seen around 5G networks.

To this end, Federal government have denied giving licence to any telecommunications company, but it was said that MTN is laying 5G cable currently.

Femi Kayode has this to say:

"The Federal Government of Nigeria denies issuing licence to any Mobile Network regarding setting up of 5G. The Federal Government had to make this statement in the light of the furore that has been raised over the inherent risks associated with the 5G set up"- Channels Television. 

"Despite this encouraging report it appears that Buhari may have sold his soul to the devil and actually allowed MTN to begin to install G5 in parts of our country. Can what Senator Dino Melaye said about 1 billion USD being paid be true? 

If the MTN letter which I posted below is to be believed and if it is indeed authentic and from MTN then it means that despite the denials of the Federal Government, the company is already laying cables for 5G in Nigeria. 

Assuming this is true, if and when it is fully installed and becomes operational, Nigerians will be forced to know the true meaning of radiation sickness, blood poisoning, sudden and inexpllicable infirmities, slow and painful death and utter destruction. 

Worse still if and when the Bill Gates-sponsored "vaccine" for Covid 19 is finally introduced into our shores that is when they will find out what the Angel of Death really looks like and how callous, cunning and deceptive satan really is.

This is a time to call on the name of our God and pray hard. May He open our eyes to what is going on, may He strengthen our faith, may He help and deliver us and may He prepare us for the challenges and travails that lie ahead.

To those that continuously insult us because of our concerns and views on this matter I say you deserve to be pitied. 

To those that are ignorant enough to support the installation of 5G and that claim that there is nothing wrong with it either because their lack of knowledge and understanding has blinded them to the obvious or because they have been paid money or because they have been misled and brainwashed by the mainstream media and Illuminati propaganda, I say the following.

When I warned you about Buhari in 2015 you woud not listen and today you are paying the price. Yet this is nothing compared to what is about to come. The price that you will pay for accepting 5G and later the killer vaccine will lead you and yours to immeasurable and unprecedented suffering into eternity  and will haunt you for generations to come. 

When you knowingly or unknowingly endorse and support evil and key in into satan's agenda you will end up suffering badly for it. That is a tried and tested spiritual principle and it is a profound truism. 

It is my prayer that you reap the dividends of your crass ignorance and endless stupidity and that you get precisely what you asked for. 

The only thing that can save you is divine insight and knowledge. Please acquire it before it is too late and let it set you free. Shalom."

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