Sunday, February 9, 2020


A 60 year-old man whose  died in a hotel room in Delta State after taking sex enhancement drugs was to be a lawyer and knight of the Church.

It was gathered that the incident happened in December 2019 and the video was leaked by some of the detectives in a bid to pressure the family and authorities to release the innocent girl since they are threatening to jail her for the murder in order to cover the man actual cause of death.

The suspect was identified as Precious from Akwa Ibom who worked in a restaurant/bar.

In an interview, the girl said that when she closed from work at night, she would be on the street and indulged in prostitution.

Unfortunately for her, a man who came into town needed a girl for a night and through a recommendation from someone she knew, the man took her to a hotel room after taking overdose sex enhancing drugs.

They didn't have any fun until 5:00am and it was once.  The man went into the toilet and remove the condom used by himself and both of them slept off.

At about and she was about going, she shook and tried to wake him up for her to be paid but the man was lifeless. 

She, then called the boy at the reception and notified him. The receptionist called the Police and the Police came to the hotel and arrested her after interrogation.

On searching the man's bag, Police discovered several sex enhancing drugs.

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