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Fada Franklin Mmor reacted to Dr. Olukoya statement that Christmas is a pagan festival. As a result he wrote an open letter to him and to all Christians.

He said: "Below are the facts, I penned down to refute your claims on the above subject matter to save the face of the church on the controversy of your submission.


Christmas, is not a pagan festival, but a replacement of pagan festival based on the wisdom and discretion of early church fathers to stem the ugly tide of paganism which was eating the fabric of God's church at that time.


The name 'Christmas' comes from the mass of Christ (or Jesus). A Mass service (which is called Eucharist or Communion) is where Christians remember that Christ died for us and then came back to life. A fellowship of thanksgiving celebrated in the Eucharist.

Christmas, is a thanksgiving to God for the gift of his son to the world. The word which became flesh, the word which existed from timeless prehistory, the word which became God and dwelt among us to reconcile man and God. John.1:1-18.


The Gospel according to St Luke Chapter.2:8-20, recorded the joy that took place in heaven at the news of the birth of Christ.

1. In verse 13, of Luke 2, The host of Angels celebrated Christ by singing "Glory to God in the highest and peace to his people on earth....

2. The Shepherds, who were watching their flocks by night, were also informed by the angels and they visited to witness the glory of God in Christ and rejoiced greatly.

3. Mary the mother of Jesus, treasured the whole events in her heart as the shepherds went into town to tell the world of the birth of a great king.

4. The wise men led by the star, visited, bowed, worshipped and presented gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
Matthew 2.11-12.

In essence, these set of persons including the Angels, celebrated and worshipped Christ at birth which is 'Christmas.'


The church before Emperor Constantine, suffered a terrible blow. Christians were hounded, persecuted and killed anywhere on sight.

Christianity was unlawful and illegal religion in the whole empire. Persecution occurred over two centuries.

Under Emperor Nero 64 AD, persecutions were carried out by local and state authorities on a sporadic ad hoc basis.

It became worst around 250 AD, as a result of the edict of Emperor Decius. The edict was in force for 18months. Many Christians were killed while others apostatised to escape persecution.

Christian Religion, which we all enjoy today, preach and do whatever we like in the guise of being believers received a breath of fresh air under Emperor Constantine who declared Christianity a lawful and permitted religion.

In AD 313, Emperor Constantine in the edict of Milan, declared Christianity a lawful religion which later became the official religion of Roman Empire ten years later.


Sol invictus, the birthday of the unconquerable sun was celebrated on the 25th of December.
Saturnalia followed the Roman god of agriculture.

On this very celebration, people exchange gifts, free sex, free speech, free day, gender bending sex, laws suspended for brief stretch of time, free drinking and drunkenness etc.

Christians participated in this immoral celebration and it affected adversely the strength of the Christian church.


The effect of this pagan festival was a heavy blow on the church. The church fathers directed by divine wisdom, decided that since this celebration is all about the "Sun god" that it will be necessary if the Son of God will be celebrated to draw souls to Christ who already drifted away from the faith.

They drew their inspiration from

Psalm.24..1"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it."

The church, decided that this day be set aside for thanksgiving on the incarnate mystery of God's son who was sent to the world to redeem mankind.

It was named 'Christmas. 'The Mass of Christ. A day of worship and thanksgiving for the birth of Christ.

It will interest you to know, that the church succeeded in this decision.Today, Christians all over the world, including world government and other religions recognised and joined in the joy of this season.

No one, ever remembered that, there was anything like pagan festival in Rome ever in history.

It became a day of joy instead of day of lawlessness, drink and sex. People go to their various communities and churches  to worship God on this special day.

In Christmas, Christians celebrate God's gift of redemption and reconciliation and not birthday.


Dr.Olukoya argued, that Christmas is not in the bible and that Christ did not ask us to celebrate his birthday........Yes! 

From the points above, you will see the origin and why the church set aside this day and date.

You will also see. that the church succeeded in truncating the plans of the devil by getting back, those who were lost in immorality and orgies associated with such pagan festivals.


John. 21:25..

"And there were so many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written everyone, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written." Amen.


Christian leaders, should guide and guard their utterances inorder not mislead the public.This is a responsible and respectful response to Dr.Olukoya on his submission about Christmas which has generated serious controversy to the Christian church.

If you decide not to celebrate Christmas because it is not in the bible, you should as well not celebrate New Year and yourown birthday.

Is it there anything wrong for the church leaders over the centuries guided by divine wisdom and Holy Spirit to celebrate Christ? Should Satan be celebrated?

There are patterns of prayer which is against the injunctions of Christ boldly adopted by your church. Is it also in the bible?

Christmas is here with us bequeathed to us by early fathers of faith and which defeated the purpose of Satan.

Would you also, like Herod fight against his birth and like the Jews campaign against his resurrection?

Christ is the Mass in 'Christmas. 'He is the all in all and like the Angels and the Shepherds we join the world in saying and singing....

    "Glory to God in the highest and.peace to his people on earth."

Christians are advised not to be in anyway discouraged but to come out in the yearly remembrance of our Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord!"

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