Thursday, November 28, 2019


A lady narrated how shocked and bittered she was when she discovered the chat and photos her husband had with her own sister.

As a result she now advised ladies to be checking their husband's phone since he can suck  your pussy and fuck you. Therefore, you have the right to touch his phone.

She has this to say:

"Women biko start checking your husband's phone oh, don't listen to those women telling you not to check phone. If he can suck my pussy and fuck me, why can't I touch his phone?

"Mummy Fegor am in pains, my husband works in another state, he visits once a month, and he goes out all the time whenever he visits. I met my husband through my sister, my older sister, she told me he was his school mate, from there he collected my number and we started talking, that was 4 years ago. Never knew my sister had something with my husband and they are still very much in contact. At times she calls he for money and I had never see anything wrong because they knew before me. My sister is married, she got married before me. She has 3 kids while I only have a son. Last night my husband came home tired, bath and slept off and I mange to go through his phone. Mummy this is what I saw there. My own husband and my older sister. What should I do ma, why would she ever do this to me, I love her so much mummy. I am in pains, what am I leaving for in this life again. I have been crying and he s been asking me what's happening. I don't even know where to start from. Please help me."

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