Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Counsel to Atiku Abubakar, Dr. Levy Ozoukwu SAN said that President Buhari's counsel have failed to give any explanation on Buhari's first name: Muhammadu and the first name appearing on his certificate Mohamed.

He argued that there's no pleading on record by Buhari's counsel that Muhammadu is also known as Mohamed at any time in his life time.

Therefore, failure to provide the documents means that the documents do not belong to him.

Non of Buhari's witnesses has seen the photocopy of his claimed results.

‪Dr Ozoukwu said that the lower court relied on an old version of Section 52(2) of the electoral act to rule that electronic voting is prohibited. This is a miscarriage of justice. 

He added that the new section 52(2) of the Electoral Act 2015 renders the old version invalid. He insisted INEC has a server, a storage device‬. They have computers where data are stored. They can't deny it. ‬

‪The Counsel to President Buhari, Chief Olanipekun insisted that the constitution does not mandate that any candidate for Presidential election must attach certificates to the forms submitted to INEC even when the form states clearly that certificates must be attached.

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