Saturday, September 21, 2019


The fake blind woman beggar who was identified as Nzube Ekene, the mother of two with a 10 year-old girl (maid) arrested on  Thursday being September 19, 2019 in Ado, the capital city of Ekiti State. 

She often beg for money at the traffic light around the Fajuyi roundabout with a ten year old girl named Ada from Imo State she trafficked with which she lied to the girl's mother about her job. 

The woman was arrested and the girl rescued through the intervention of the Chairperson of the Association of Women Lawyers popularly known as FIDA, Mrs Seyi Ojo. 

Mrs Ojo said that she was touched and had pity on the little girl when she approached her in the queue of vehicle stop and begged for money. 

As a result, She ordered the invitation of the woman with hope of rendering possible assistance only to discover that she was a fake. 

The fake blind woman beggar always well dressed beneath but only covered herself with the rags so as to attack sympathy. 

She had over eleven thousand naira by eleven o'clock in the morning when was arrested. 

She lives in Ikare Ondo State but hailed from Imo State and she claimed to be involved in blind begging business due to lack of job. 

Ada was happy to be rescued because her aunty maltreated her badly despite the money they made on daily basis, She refused to enroll her in school as promised and has prevented her from getting in contact with her mother.

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