Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Aliyu Gwarzo bragged to Southerners that they can't never understand North despite they claimed to be educated which has done nothing for them. 

He said that Fulanis are born to rule because leadership flow through their blood. Therefore, Allah has given them Nigeria as a gift from their forefathers from them, More so, with "one Nigeria" they will remain the masters and Southerners shall remain the slaves. As your fathers served us, so shall you serve us. He said. 

"The problem with you Southerners is that you can never understand the north. We are a mystery to you and you cannot comprehend us despite all your boasting that you are better than us. 

You  claim to be educated but in fact you are uneducated and uncivilised. What do you know about education and what has it done for you? 

We Fulani toss a small bone to you from our table and you betray and fight each other like dogs for it. You crawl before us and beg us for crumbs. 

That is your lot in life. You are nothing more than beggars. Cowardly and contended slaves! 

Just like your fathers served us, so you shall serve us. Just as you serve us, so your children shall serve us. And just as your children shall serve us, so their children shall serve us. 

We are born to rule. Leadership is our blood. No-one in this country can stop or change it. No-one can touch us. Allah has given us Nigeria. It is  gift to our forefathers from him. 

Our great grandfather Shaik Osman Dan Fodio and the Mujahadeen fought for it. Our grandfather the Saurdana, Sir Ahmadu Bello expanded our borders and frontiers. 

Our father President Muhammadu Buhari has come to complete the job and he is doing very well. 

You see the most effective chains are the invisible ones. We already have you in those chains but you just don't know it. We took our power back in 2015. We will not released it to southerners or unbelievers again. Not in the next 100 years! 

It is true that we came from Futa Toro and Futa Jalon many years ago and conquered the north. Now every inch of it belongs to us.

Every Fulani, whether from Mali, Senegal, Guinea,  Niger, Chad, Cameroon or anywhere else is our brother and has a right to be here with us. We are Fulani before Nigerian and our allegiance is to our Fulani brothers all over West Africa more than you. 

Now we will conquer south and we do it in the name of "one Nigeria". In that "one Nigeria" we shall remain the masters and you shall remain the slaves! 

None of you are going anywhere. Nigeria will never break. We will not allow it," he bragged.

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