Sunday, September 22, 2019


Oga ooo, you failed to mention the  pogrom/ genocide continually meant against the Igbos by other tribes since 1945 which Nigeria refused to address. How can it be tackle? 

You didn't mention religious war against the Igbos and Christians in general. How can it be solved? 

You didn't mention forceful encroachment of Fulani herdsmen on other people's property and silent RUGA projects across the country. 

Oga ooo,  you forgot to mention FG allocation and budgetly system which has failed to favour the south-south and south-east. 

Oga mi, I refused to agree with you in some areas of your speech.

The elites loving themselves and the poor sleeping under the bridge is not the main issue but fair sharing of profits made from our natural resources and good governance that will accommodate all with equity.

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