Thursday, August 29, 2019


There is no doubt that President Muhammadu Buhari is in Japan and arrived about 48hours Behind his original schedule. 

It's obvious that Mr  President has skipped some public engagements because of security challenges. 

However, the unexplained problem is, why his handlers are flooding Nigeria with 'Fake' pictures?

This picture is 'fake' as Buhari’s picture seen to cover a strange 'LEG'. 

The leg in question has no “physical body” attached to it. 

Therefore, whose 'LEG' was that? 

Also, Why is Nigerian President shorter than those that were standing in the same row with him? 

When did Asian people started to grow tall as to grow taller than Buhari, who, we all know is a very tall man? 

This picture which line is Mr. President, is it second or Third line because people are confused?

Why is it that only on the side of our principal there will be confusion.

Why were there no video coverage instead of all these still pictures?

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