Monday, August 19, 2019


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) members based in Germany have finally opened up why the Former Deputy Senate President, Professor Ike Ekweremadu was humiliated on second annual cultural festival and convention organized by Ndigbo in Nurmberg Germany on August 17, 2019.

The reasons behind his attack was not only that he worn the Nigerian coat of arm against the Isi Agu which is known for Igbo cultural heritage but he did nothing to stand against the massive killing and slaughtering of Igbos including in his constituency.

They have this to say;

"Ike Ekweremadu, you proscribed your children and called them terrorists even when deep inside of you, you knew they were not.

You did nothing to stand down massive killings and slaughtering of your people, even in your constituency in Aninri.

You went to Germany to celebrate new yam festival, when did Igbo started such mechanised farming in far away Germany?.

Mr Ekweremadu, you represent Igbo in the National Assembly, why were you putting on Nigeria's Coat of Arm as against Isi Agu known and associated to Igbo Cultural Heritage which you went there to celebrate and defend?. 

Nnia Nwodo, you said the attack on Ikeoha is a confirmation that IPOB is a terrorists Organization, I hope you won't complain when terrorists come to demand their rights you have taken away?.

For more than 2 years you proscribed your children so to say, show the world what crime they have committed and why your Ohaneze is in the best position to defend Igbo interest.?

What are you doing or have done to remedy the invasion of your own Enugu State with Ekweremadu your brother from same Enugu.

Guys, your hypocrisy and deception is gradually coming to an end.

You can fool your people for a long time, but can't fool Biafrans for a minute.

The clock is ticking fast, only the wise would apply wisdom and learn.

But the fool would always pick up a fight against a fast-moving train on it's track," IPOB stated.

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