Sunday, August 18, 2019


People reacted to the Former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu's humiliation as he attended the second annual cultural festival and convention organized by Ndigbo in Nurnberg Germany.

It was disgraceful but if he had known that wearing Nigerian coat of arm has nothing to do with one Nigeria. I know he dressed to impress his fellow Nigerian  northerner politicians precisely but IPOB seen it as a mockery to Biafrans.

It is mockery to whatever they represent. There is no IPOB without Ndigbo (IPOB stands to restore peace in Igbo land).

Your aim of going there was because you are Ezi Nwafo Igbo, and being an honourable man you have every right to be there if you want but not to represent Nigerian political nature.

This shows that some of the people you represent are not happy with you.

However, People of southeast are not happy with their political class and this incident should be an eye opener.

Our political class since 1999 till date have failed and they deserve to be called to order.

Watch the video below:

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