Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Reno Omokri reacted on the fake rumour that Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) accused Atiku Abubakar son-in-law, Babalele Abdullahi of stealing. Rather, he was accused of sharing money without passing through a bank but made reference of Tinubu who is campaigning to be president in 2023 with van which he shared money. 

He added that President Muhammadu Buhari is not fighting corruption instead, he is a dictator that fights his opponent. 

He has this to say:

"Nigerians, don't be deceived by General Buhari’s propaganda. Read the charge sheet. The EFCC did NOT accuse Babalele Abdullahi (Atiku's son-in-law) of stealing. They know he is a legitimate multimillionaire in USD. They accused him of sharing money without passing through a bank. But here is a picture of Tinubu doing FAR worse! The EFCC have not even questioned Tinubu, talk less of charging him. Instead, Tinubu is already campaigning to be President in 2023. Buhari is not fighting CORRUPTION. Buhari is a dictator fighting his Opposition!"

"The Money Laundering Act provides that any money in excess of 5 million Naira must be transferred from one person to another via a bank transfer or other electronic transfer and not cash. Nigerians often talk authoritatively on what they know nothing about."

F.A.R is a new technology introduced by FIFA into football world. Tinubu is just doing the re-show of what he knows how to do better but EFCC is ruling it out in favour of their party member (APCEFCC) the way an handball was ruled out in favour of Argentina vs Nigeria at World Cup. 

Tinubu is free to carry cash to his own house no one have the gut to caution him. Babalele Abdullahi run his activity legally without breaking the law prescribed to the issue of moving money, he is not a thief or who looted our treasury but saints like Tinubu can even move the money to his den on election eve.

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