Saturday, July 6, 2019


Here are numerous reasons why RUGA settlement, should not be discussed in any parts of Igbo land. 

1.  RUGA means Fulani village in Fulfulde.

2.  Fulanis are from Fouta Djalon in Guinea.

3.  Fulanis came to Hausa's and Ilorin People begging to be allowed to settle in RUGA. Once their host got relaxed with them, they plotted and massacred the leaders, warriors and men and took over the communities!

4.  Fulanis are very good in rewriting history. Give them two years they will tell you they are original inhabitants and you their slaves! 

5.  Fulani believes himself superior to other tribes so, he cannot bow or take orders from inferior beings. Therefore he will revolt against you and make you take orders from him. 

6.  A Fulani man does not allow christians (Infidels) to rule him. So he will introduce an Emirate and become the Emir and subjugate all the Chiefs, Ezes etc to his authority.

7.  They will wipe out your children and take over your land.

8.  Why did the Federal Government use the term RUGA if they are honest?

9.  They will pretend to come in peace, but by the time they are done, your community will be in pieces.

10.  If there are any tribe that needs extra land considering their population density, It is Igbos. Why take the little we have?

Why Not Give Us More "OBODO" In The North And West.

I Am Against RUGA!
 What About You?

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