Sunday, July 7, 2019


For you to prevent your child from aged sicknesses, you need to do the needful things expected on of you as parents. 

When your child is born, after at least 1 month, find a snail, break its sharp end, collect the liquid that comes out, give it to the child to drink.

The nail liquid is to prevent the child from suffering any of these illnesses listed below as he/she grows: 

1.  Cancer 

2.  Hemorrhoids 

3.  No nervous disorder 

4.  No heart attack 

5.  The child will reason like a wise man 

6.  When his head bangs another head, it looks like it's pebbles 

7.  He/She will not fine it difficult to speak quickly and articulate the words, and never stutter 

8.   He/She will not have a wrinkled skin, always young. Not after 30 years he/she will look older than their parents. 

9.  Asthma 

10. No chronic cough where blood comes out of the throat.

You do this at least once a month and continue if it means up to 5 years or more. 

It's also good for teenagers but loses its healing as one gets old.

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