Saturday, July 27, 2019


Parboil means to boil food briefly before cooking it fully in another way. Means if it is a preserved food, you have parboiled the food with the preservatives. 

Most of the foods are frozen products we buy from the markets have preservatives for it not to spoil before it will be used. 

Remember that some of these preservatives substance are dangerous to the health. Most people use Sniper which we all know that it is a harmful to preserve their stuffs. 

Most of the foods are being preserved are frozen chicken, Turkey fish, rice, beans etc. As you Parboil them, it then means you briefly boiled them with the preservatives and it is highly dangerous and harmful to your health. 

Therefore, the best way to be saved from all these harmful preservatives substance is to add salt, boil water and then pour over the food and steer. You immediately pour out the water before washing it to cook. 

We learn everyday and no knowledge is a waste. 

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