Sunday, July 7, 2019


"I have interacted closely with both Vice President Atiku Abubakar and President Muhammadu Buhari and the difference between the two is that the former at least attempts to answer complex questions whilst the latter is wholly incapable of doing so.

The former is clever, sharp, clear, crisp, clean, innovative, sophisticated and fresh whilst the latter is dull, slow, archaic, malevolent, anachronistic, primitive, stale and malignant.

The former is receptive, enlightened, humble, warm, friendly, sensitive and profound whilst the latter is detached, proud, distant, cold, aloof, brash and crude.

The former is cosmopolitan and sophisticated whilst the latter is provincial and nepotistic. The former belongs to the modern age whilst the latter belongs to the stone-age. The former is a liberal and a democrat whilst the latter is a tyrant and a despot.

The former views the Arewa thugs that threatened to attack, evict and kill southerners that reside in the north with scorn, contempt, disdain and disgust whilst the latter loves, protects, encourages and pampers them. The former thirsts for peace whilst the latter lusts for war.

The former is circumspect, sober, taciturn and careful about RUGA whilst the latter loves, espouses, promotes and seeks to implement it.

The former resists regional and religious characterisations and divisions whilst the latter is the mastermind and architect of the Fulanisation agenda and Islamisation policy.

The former does not recognise "north" or "south" but sees Nigeria as a nation of equal citizens, each with rights and obligations, whilst the latter sees Nigeria as a conquered space and a cruel vassal state of overbearing northern masters and lily-livered southern slaves."

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