Thursday, June 20, 2019


A United States of America based Igbo man named Dr. Godwin Maduka, a medical practitioner who visited his village and was so sad based on what he noticed and decided to take it up himself to singlehandedly transform his community for good.

He believed in Igbo adage that says "Aku ruo ulo, o kwuo onye nwe ya".

The following are some of his accomplished and ongoing projects:

1.  Built two churches, one for the Catholic and Anglican.

2.  Built Trinity hospital and maternity which is a 17 story skyscraper.

3.  Built over 100 standard bungalows for the poor and the widow.

4.  Built immaculate conception international college, 1 and 2, with buses donated to them.

5.  Built a police station for maintenance of peace and security.

6.  Built a magistrate court.

7.  Built a standard market called affor, for the community.

8.  Built barracks for the civil defense staffs.

9.  Built two monasteries for churches.

10.  Built a Civic center for the community.

11.  Built a post office.

12.  Built a state highcourt.

13.  He provided transformers to boost electricity in the village.

14.  Built mighty edifices for primary and secondary schools.

15.  Built a befitting palace for the monarch  of his village.

16.  Built houses for the clerics of the Catholic and Anglican Churches.

17.  He built a five star hotel known as " Lion of Africa resort".

Apart from sponsoring of students and helping many to secure good jobs.

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